Car Art

The car has transformed the world and is symbolic of the American experience. From Henry Ford’s Model T of the 1910s to the electric cars of today, these machines are part of the landscape. From vintage vehicles with ornate details to hot rods that are perfect for racing, cars appear almost everywhere in American culture. Show off your favorite by displaying one of these art pieces featuring old-school or modern vehicles.

The key to my automotive photography is that I don’t limit the vision to how the car looks at a certain angle or in one type of lighting. I’m never afraid to experiment or look at new lighting styles or photographic techniques. From choosing the background or floor to framing a particular detail of the car. The final look of the image may not be the “final.” I will revisit images months or years later and may decide to change the mood of the image with more or less dramatic lighting. I am the one who holds the key to my vision and enjoy every moment capturing it.

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