Venice – 6-13 252

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Photography: Color, Ink, Digital on Paper.
Title:Venice – 6-13 252

Printed on Fuji Crystal paper which has fabulous color reproduction and a slight luster. 50 Originals with signature, title and number of the print.

Sometimes it is hard to visit places like Rome or Venice. I spend most of my time seeing the sights through my camera. But I feel very lucky to just be there.

About My Work
I believe in giving my clients beautiful artwork on the best papers that hold their colors for the life of the print.
I only use one industry source for printing here in Orange County California. My printer has spent years perfecting this skill and they maintain control of the color representation at all stages to ensure you get a truly handmade image.

About My Paper
People often say that my Automotive and Nighttime images look like paintings because of the richness of the colors, the depth of the black and the Fuji paper I use for my originals.

I am happy to take custom orders, just drop me a line.

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